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Generic Orlistat (Orlistat)

Xenical is not a miracle solution- it won't happen overnight, but if you follow the instructions like eating less and exercising more, then Xenical can help you lose weight.


The majority of people who take Xenical do lose some weight in the first few months. However, most people end up gaining all that they lost back after one year because they stop taking it regularly.


Xenical works in tandem with diet and exercise, to help people from all walks of life lose weight more quickly than they would on their own.

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Product Description


Xenical Uses


Xenical is an obesity medication that was approved for use in the United States in 1999. Xenical is the brand name for the prescription drug orlistat. Xenical works by preventing some of the fat from being absorbed by the body.

It does this by inhibiting gastric and pancreatic lipases which are enzymes involved with breaking down fats so they can be digested. Xenical is prescribed on a case-by-case basis, but it has been shown to help individuals lose weight, while also helping them maintain their weight loss over time.


Xenical Benefits


Xenical is a brand name for the prescription drug Orlistat, also known as the 'lipase inhibitor'.


Xenical reduces fat absorption by inhibiting pancreatic lipases that break down dietary fats into smaller droplets.


Xenical Ingredients


Xenical contains the fat-blocking ingredient orlistat (marketed as Alli in some countries).


Xenical Efficacy


Xenical is a weight loss pill that has been tested and found to be very effective for weight reduction.


Xenical has been on the market for more than 12 years. In that time, it has helped many people lose weight and improve their overall health. Hundreds of clinical studies with over 10,000 patients have shown that Xenical is an effective and safe way to lose weight. The drug is available on-line without a prescription for about $150 for a one-month supply.


Together with diet and exercise, Xenical helps you keep the weight off after you lose it.


Xenical Mechanism of Action


Xenical is a weight-loss medication that is used to help overweight or obese patients lose weight by inhibiting the absorption of fat from the patient's diet. Xenical does this by inhibiting gastric and pancreatic lipases, enzymes that can break down triglycerides (a type of lipid) into absorbable free fatty acids that then are absorbed by the intestines and sent via the bloodstream to serve as energy.


By inhibiting these lipases, Xenical decreases the amount of fat entering the body from food eaten.


Xenical Dosage


The recommended dosage of Xenical for adults is one 120mg tablet taken with a meal twice daily before each main meal (breakfast and dinner). *A lower dosage may be appropriate for certain patients, such as those who are older or debilitated.


Xenical Side Effects


  • Xenical is clinically proven to help obese people lose weight and maintain their reduced weight.


  • The most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea or constipation; however these should not be a cause for concern as they will subside with time.


  • Most significant adverse reactions include rash (usually mild), dizziness (less than 1%), somnolence (>1% of patients).


  • Severe allergic reactions (symptoms include difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the lips and face) have been reported in a very small number of people who take orlistat. If you develop any signs of an allergy such as a rash, swollen lymph nodes or difficulty breathing, stop taking Xenical and contact your doctor immediately.


  • In rare cases, some people taking orlistat have experienced anaphylaxis (symptoms include sudden onset of rash, swelling of the face, lips or eyes). If you develop any signs of an allergic reaction to Xenical such a severe rash, swollen lymph nodes or difficulty breathing contact your doctor immediately.


  • If you have kidney disease and take Xenical, you may experience a loss of potassium (symptoms include weakness, tiredness or muscle pain). If this happens contact your doctor immediately.


  • It is not recommended that people with liver disease take Xenical as they have an increased risk of experiencing liver problems while taking it. If you are currently suffering from liver disease and are considering Xenical treatment, please consult your doctor first.


  • If you have or have had bowel cancer it is recommended that you do not take Xenical as patients with these conditions may be at an increased risk of developing bowel tumours while taking the drug. However, if you have been thoroughly evaluated for any of these conditions and your doctor has told you that it is safe to take Xenical, do not stop taking the drug without first contacting your doctor.


  • If you develop symptoms of depression while taking Xenical, contact your doctor immediately as this could be a symptom of an existing problem which might become serious if left untreated.


Xenical Contraindications


Xenical has a lot of contraindications. About 10% of people that take Xenical experience what is called "disappearing bowel syndrome." A few people who take Xenical experience diarrhea which can be quite severe. Others might experience stomach pain and headaches as well.


Some people really don't have any side effects and others get extreme ones, but it just depends on the person's dosage and their individual tolerance levels.


Xenical Warnings


Xenical, a weight-loss medication, has many warnings. This is because this type of drug is not suitable for everyone.


They should be avoided if they have an allergy to any ingredient of the medicine or if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. They should also avoid taking Xenical if they drink alcohol as it can increase the side effects that can occur.


The drug should not be used by people with liver problems because it can damage the liver. It is important that these people speak to their doctor before considering using Xenical. All of these warnings will help people know what to expect when they use Xenical and decide whether or not it is right for them."


Xenical Precautions


Please consult your doctor before taking Xenical if:


  • You have an allergy to Xenical or any of its ingredients, such as bitter orange, caffeine, or milk proteins.
  • You are now taking weight-reducing drugs that contain orlistat; consultation with your doctor is required.
  • You are pregnant or nursing a baby.


Xenical Drug Drug Interactions


Xenical is a weight loss drug that is available over the counter. Xenical Drug Interactions occur when you take Xenical with certain other medications.


Xenical drug interactions occur when Xenical has an effect on another medication such as changing how it works or increasing its side effects.


Interactions with other medications are common for people taking Xenical. Many of these interactions can be managed by some simple changes in the pattern of taking your drugs, but others must be avoided unless they are approved by your doctor.


It is vital that you keep a list of all medications or vitamins you are taking and show it to any healthcare professional who treats you for a new condition or if you begin experiencing side effects such as unusual dizziness or difficulty breathing, fainting, chest pain, severe stomach pain, sudden vision changes and double vision.


Discuss your medication with your healthcare professional on a regular basis, especially if you are taking other medications to see if interactions between Xenical and other drugs cause any unwanted side effects.


Always keep a list of all prescription and non-prescription or herbal medications with you to help avoid these potential interactions in the future.


Xenical Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism


The pharmacokinetics of Xenical is characterized by linear pharmacokinetics over the therapeutic dose range. Systemic exposure to erythromycin correlates with concomitant oral intake of erythromycin. Erythromycin is extensively metabolized in the liver and primarily excreted in urine.


After oral administration of 14C-erythromycin, about 86% of the administered radioactivity was recovered in the urine and 1% or less was present as unextracted parent drug. The main urinary metabolites are N‑demethylerythromycin and 14C-methylated derivatives of various metabolites.


Erythromycin N‑demethylation occurs mainly in the liver as an initial step, whereas further metabolism is a minor elimination pathway for erythromycin. The renal clearance of 14C-erythromycin was about 12 times greater than that of unextracted erythromycin. The renal clearance of 14C-methylated metabolites was between 0.5 and 5 times that of unextracted erythromycin.


After oral administration of 14C-Xenical, about 82% of the administered radioactivity was recovered in urine (76% as unchanged drug) and about 2% in the stool.


Following 14C-labeling of Xenical, at least 66% was excreted unchanged, 2.8% underwent N‑demethylation, and about 30% underwent other metabolism involving multiple enzyme systems. The most important pathway involves demethylation to 14C-methylated derivatives (primarily 14C-methylated conjugates), which were the primary metabolites found in human plasma.


Following oral administration of a single, 1 gram dose of 14C-Xenical to humans, the mean recovery of radioactivity from urine, stool and feces was 11%, 8% and 3%, respectively. Following oral administration of ten 100‑mg doses of 14C-Xenical to humans, the mean recovery of radioactivity from urine was 21%, from stool was 3% and from feces was 5%. No significant amounts of unchanged Xenical were found in human blood plasma.


In a clinical trial comparing the pharmacokinetics of generic, food‑effect, and fasting‑effect formulations of Xenical in 12 obese patients, the AUC for Xenical administered with food was 30% lower than that when administered under fasting conditions.


In a clinical trial comparing the pharmacokinetics of generic and branded formulations of Xenical, the mean Cmax and AUC were 15% higher after administration of branded formulation compared to generic.


Xenical Package


Xenical is available in 30mg, 60mg, and 120mg strength tablets. Xenical tablets are supplied as 20s, boxes of 30s or 90s.


Xenical Generic alternative names


Xenical, orlistat (A.K.A.), also known as alli in the U.S.


Xenical Vs Alli


Alli (orlistat) is a OTC weight-loss drug that contains the same active ingredient as Xenical. Both drugs are exactly the same in every other way and are exactly the same price. Alli is slightly more powerful, but most users find that they lose weight at about the same rate as using Xenical.


Generic versions of Xenical are available on-line from Canada and Mexico for much less than $100 for a one month supply (as of May 27, 2008) but we recommend you purchase from the USA to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.


Xenical Patient Reviews


Xenical is not recommended for use by pregnant women, individuals under 18 years of age, and patients that have gallbladder problems.


How to Take Xenical?


Xenical comes as a 120mg capsule that is usually taken three times per day before meals, with each dose containing the equivalent of 40mg of the active ingredient orlistat.


It's important to follow the instructions given by your doctor and pharmacist. These will include how much to take and for how long.


It's important to take all the medication prescribed; you shouldn't stop taking it, even if your weight loss slows down or stops. Not taking Xenical as specified could mean that any weight loss you have achieved will not be maintained. If you do miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. You should then take further doses at the normal time in relation to meals.


How long does Xenical take to work and show effect?


Xenical works in about 3 months. It may take a while before you start feeling the effects of the medicine. Xenical works by blocking the absorption of some fat from your diet.


What should I avoid while taking Xenical?


If you have any pre-existing medical condition, consult your doctor before taking Xenical. Medicines for diabetes, asthma, and seizures can interact with Xenical. Also, drink plenty of water to see whether it helps with or prevents side effects like dehydration. As it might impact the effectiveness of birth control pills, always use protection during sex when on Xenical.


Can I take Xenical and drink alcohol?


Yes, you can.


What are the most common side effects of Xenical?


There are a lot of side effects of Xenical. The most common are stomach upset, nausea, and gas. Other less common side effects include:


  • Darker stools.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Flatulence.
  • Rapid heart beat.


Does Xenical have an FDA blackboX warning


The FDA has approved the use of Xenical (orlistat) for weight loss without any blackbox warning yet.


Can I take Xenical if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?


Taking Xenical while pregnant is not safe. It may harm the baby and affect the growth of the fetus. Nursing mothers are also advised against taking Xenical.


Is it true that Xenical will reduce my sex drive/performance?


There is no conclusive evidence to show that Xenical reduce the sexual performace in men or women.


How much Xenical cost?


Xenical costs $230.5 per month or $2766.48 per year.


Where can I buy Xenical online safely?


There are some ONLINE stores that will sell the medication without a prescription like these pharmacies listed here.


Do I need a prescription to buy Xenical online


Yes, you need a prescription to buy xenical. You can buy Xenical without prescription but it is illegal as well as dangerous for your health.


Generally, the answer to this question depends on where you live in and what type of drugs that are allowed to be sold over-the-counter (OTC). In most countries, Xenical is available only with a doctor's prescription.


Xenical saving tips


A. Get your prescription


First thing to do is get your prescription. Xenical is available on prescription only by a doctor or any other licensed health professional authorized to give a prescription. This process will involve you giving them information about your condition and what you have already tried to manage this condition, as well as going through a consultation with them if they think it would be best for you. The doctor will write this prescription and tell you how much xenical to take, how often you should take it, and what the risks are for taking it.


B. Look into generic brands


The brand is one of the most important factors when choosing an over-the-counter medication that works for weight management. Always look over other generic brands or generics for Xenical to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money when buying this medication.


C. Buy direct from manufacturer


Buy directly through the manufacturer of Xenical or buy it from someone online who is selling Canadian prescription medications, where they can sell a box at a special price since the ingredients are the same.


D. Use Xenical savings plan, the discount coupons


The manufacturer has a list of approved pharmacies for the prescription medication that they offer. If you go to a location that is on this list and fill out an application, then you will be sent out new coupons each month in order to get the best value for your money.


E. Look for Xenical coupons in magazines


Look for some free printable Xenical discount coupons or coupon codes you can type into the checkout box on most online stores to get a discount off your total cost of prescription medication and purchase it directly from them online. This will help you save money on prescription medicine that works for weight management.


F. Get it from your insurance company


If you have insurance for weight loss, then the best thing to do is look at your policy online to discover if there are any discounts or other savings available on prescription medication. Just fill out an application and refill the new coupon each month with your free Xenical coupons in order to get the best deal.


G. Try to lose weight without using Xenical


There are many ways that you can lose weight and help others lose weight through a program like Weight Watchers or other kinds of healthy diet programs, but if this does not work for you, then you should consider Xenical as an option in order to help you lose weight in an easier way.


H. Lower your expectations


If you are using Xenical in order to help you get to a healthier weight, then don't expect that it is going to be a miracle pill for everyone. Everyone is different and has different needs with these kinds of things so try it out as recommended by your doctor and be sure to talk to them about any questions you have so that they can help you decide if this would work for you.


I. Eat fewer calories


When using Xenical, it is important that you eat only the amount of calories suggested by your prescription, or lower than the recommended amount in order to get better results from the treatment. If you eat more calories than this, then it will cause harmful side effects and that is never something you want to experience.


Xenical Discount Coupons


Wondering if there is a way to save money on Xenical drugs costs? A discount code can help you save a lot of money, sometimes even up to 75% on each prescription.


Xenical tablets are available with a discount coupon on the official website with free shipping and no dollar value on the coupon.

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