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Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine)

Periactin is the brand name for a drug called Cyproheptadine, which is used to treat allergic conditions. It can be used to treat hay fever, allergies, and other respiratory issues. It can also be used to treat other conditions belongs to the same family as asthma, such as allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria. Periactin's main function is as an antihistamine, which means that it can stop the body from producing histamines. Histamines are produced by the body to fight against allergens or substances that cause inflammation in the body. When Periactin is taken orally, it takes about one hour for it to produce a noticeable effect on your system, but when taken by injection (shot), you will feel relief within 15 minutes. You should not take more than 16 mg of Periactin.

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Product Description


Periactin Uses


Periactin is a drug developed by Abbott Laboratories used for the treatment of allergic disorders such as hay fever and nasal congestion. It can also be prescribed for treatments of respiratory allergies and insect bites, in addition to other conditions with mild symptoms such as hives.


It is important not to use this medication if you have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI (such as isocarboxazid or selegiline) within 14 days because it may cause dangerous high blood pressure.


Periactin Benefits


Periactin is a medicine designed to help with colds, allergies, and asthma. The most common use of the drug for allergy sufferers is to keep it on hand as an emergency medication for when you have symptoms that are very severe or when your usual medications aren't working well.


Periactin ingredients


It is a prescription medicine that has been dispensed since 1948 and marketed over-the-counter in many other countries. The drug works on a wide variety of allergic disorders such as hives, hay fever, allergies caused by inhaling substances like dust and mold.


Periactin Efficacy


The medication has been approved by the FDA to be used in 70 countries because of its efficacy. Periactin is effective in treating symptoms of allergies, diarrhea and also for the purpose of weight loss. It proves to be very useful in treating conditions like Chronic idiopathic urticaria, Mastocytosis, Rhinitis, Pruritus (itching) as it is a non-sedative antihistamine that does not cause drowsiness or sleepiness.


Periactin Mechanism of Action


It works by blocking the action of histamines, thereby relieving allergy symptoms such as runny nose, itching eyes, congestion, sneezing and rashes.


Periactin is a very long-acting antihistamine with sedative properties. Periactin will not work as well if you eat, drink, or take certain medicines within 2 hours before or after taking it. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.


Periactin Dosage


Periactin tablet that comes in either 4mg or 8mg strengths and can be taken with or without food every 8 hours.


This drug is taken twice or three times in a day or up to 4 times a day for severe symptoms.


Missed Dose


Take periactin as directed by your doctor. Take each dose with a full glass of water. Periactin may be taken on an empty stomach or with food to avoid stomach upset. Do not crush, chew, break or dissolve periactin before you take it.


Side Effects


The side effects of taking Periactin may include drowsiness, hair loss, weight gain, vertigo, restlessness, fatigue, headache, dry mouth, leg cramps or dizziness.


If these reactions occur they will usually go away after 1 to 2 weeks. If you experience any of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks or worsen consult your doctor immediately.


There may be other side effects of taking Periactin which are not listed here. Discuss your personal medical condition with your doctor before taking any medication.




Periactin is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to the drug or any of its components.


Periactin should not be used in conjunction with sedative medications, as this may lead to additive effects.


Periactin is contraindicated in breastfeeding mothers due to lack of information about risk and safe dosage for infants.


The drug is contraindicated in patients receiving MAOI due to potential for hypertensive crisis.


Periactin is contraindicated in patients with hypertension, liver disease or congestive heart failure due to potential for increased side effects.


Periactin is contraindicated in patients with cancer of breast or endometrial, salivary gland tumors, lactation following childbirth and severe renal failure.


Periactin is contraindicated in patients under the age of 18 due to potential for premature closure of the epiphysis and retardation of growth or weight gain.


Periactin Warnings


Periactin should not be administered to children under the age of 6 due to lack of information regarding its effects on their bodies.


Periactin should be discontinued immediately if any of the following symptoms develop: seizures, vision loss or disturbances, strokes, bronchospasm (wheezing), chest pain or severe headaches.


Periactin should be discontinued at least 14 days before getting any type of surgery.


Periactin should not be discontinued abruptly due to potential for hypertensive crisis and seizures.


Periactin should not be used in patients with seizures due to potential for additive effects.


Periactin should be taken with extreme caution in patients with schizophrenia, epilepsy, prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), narrow-angle glaucoma, pyloroduodenal obstruction (Peyer's patches hyperplasia), gastroesophageal reflux disease and women who are pregnant.


Precautions of Periactin


Prescribers should instruct patients to take periactin tablets exactly as prescribed and at the lowest dose possible. Patients should not use more than 10 days of periactin tablets in a row without talking to their doctor.


Drug - Drug Interactions


You should not take periactin if you have ulcers or a peptic ulcer disease.


You should not take periactin if you are also taking quinidine, an antidepressant, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) or within 14 days of stopping any MAOI.


You should not take periactin, if you are allergic to it or other antihistamines in the same drug class.


Periactin is often taken for allergies and seasonal  allergies which cause nasal congestion. Periactin can also be used for hives and as an appetite stimulant in people with chronic health conditions.  Periactin will help with your sleep which is a symptom of allergies and chronic conditions.


Periactin Storage


How to store Periactin? Periactin tablets should be stored at room temperature, 15-30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F) with the original container tightly closed.


Periactin Generic names


People have been using generic names for periactin that are sold under several generic names including Ciplactin, abitol, heptidin, cyprodol, biopron and apeat. These are all essentially the same thing and will do the trick just fine in most cases.


Patient Reviews


Most Patients who review Periatin said that it's effective for them . It was also said that the Periatin Patients Reviews short term weight loss. However, some patients did not have a lot of appetite. The Periatin Patient Reviews has been very positive, so far there is no information about the long-term use of this drug.


In conclusion, when taking Periatin, you should know that the drug also has side effects.


How to Take Periactin ?


The pills should be swallowed with a glass of water. However, it is recommended to take Periactin with food for optimal effect. So eat something flavorful and nutritious before popping one pill and go about your day as usual! Feeling good is just minutes away when you have the right tools like periactin at your side.


Periactin is usually taken 2 or 3 times a day right before or when needed. Follow your doctor's instructions.


Take Periactin (Periactin) exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on your prescription label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Use the medicine exactly as directed. Do not take it in larger amounts, or take it for longer than recommended by your doctor.


Do not take this medicine late in the evening. It may cause problems that may interfere with your sleep later on. If you are taking this medicine to help you fall asleep, make sure you do not take it too close to bedtime.


Take Periactin (Periactin) with or without food?


Take Periactin at the same time each day. Taking this medicine on an empty stomach may cause nausea or upset stomach. If you have nausea, take this medicine with food or just after a meal.


How long does Periactin take to work and show effect?


It usually takes up to 4 weeks for the symptoms of chronic hives to begin to go away. However, itching may start to improve sooner, but it is important not to be fooled by a false sense of relief when the itching starts or starts to get worse.


What should I avoid while taking Periactin?


Some people taking periactin may experience mental disorientation, lack of coordination, sluggishness or clumsiness.


If you experience any mental symptoms such as confusion, thoughts or perception difficulties, agitation and similar problems contact your doctor immediately.


Can I take Periactin and drink alcohol?


Do not drink alcohol while you are taking Periactin. Alcohol may cause a medication to work too high or low, or not at all. Drinking alcohol can also cause unpleasant side effects of some medications.


What are the most common side effects?


Common side effects of Periactin include insomnia, headache, drowsiness (excessive daytime sleepiness), dry mouth and dizziness.


Does Periactin has an FDA blackboX warning?


There are no FDA BlackBox warnings for Periactin.


How much Periactin cost?


I have no idea. I buy them over the counter in a pharmacy. I think they cost something like $5.00, but you have to ask at your local pharmacy and compare prices with other pharmacies just to make sure.



Where can you buy Periactin online safely?


If you're looking for information on where to legally buy Periactin, RiteDrugstore worth using. We even offer free shipping deals, and orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee!


The best place to buy Periactin online is on RiteDrugstore. You can get it for about $0.50 a pill and sometimes even cheaper than that if you buy in bulk.


The advantage of buying from a reputable supplier is that you have assurance of getting a genuine product even though this may cost more than the product sold by non-reputable suppliers. In the end, it is all about getting value for your money.


RiteDrugstore service is considered the cheapest and has a delivery time that averages about nine business days from where the item was shipped from to your home address.


Do I need a prescription to buy Periactin online?


Yes, a prescription from a licensed physician is needed to buy Periactin online.


How to save Periactin costs with discount coupons?


A good way to save money on this drug is by using a coupon or discount card when purchasing it.


Periactin coupons are often available from companies that manufacture and distribute over-the-counter medications such as drugstore chains, newspapers promoting prescription savings cards, health insurance providers, and national non-profit organizations that support prescription assistance programs. The simplest approach is always to start with your doctor. He or she can suggest options that will work better given your personal needs


Can I drive a vehicle after consuming Periactin?


You should not drive until you know how this medication affects your mental or physical abilities. Do not operate any machinery or motorized vehicle while under the influence of Periactin (doxylamine succinate). As it is known to induce sedation and drowsiness.


Is Periactin safe to take during pregnancy and breast-feeding?


Periactin is not known to have any consequences in pregnancy. Studies in women who were pregnant have not shown that Periactin harms the fetus during any of its stages, but these studies do not exclude the possibility of harm to a developing baby.


Is it safe to take Periactin?


There are a couple of factors to take into consideration before you take an antihistamine. For instance, the cause or sensitivity will determine if it is safe for you to take this drug .

1- Periactin can often be prescribed by doctors to treat skin allergies and other conditions like nasal congestion and asthma.

2-For certain kinds of cancer such as leukemia, tumors in the brain or other brain conditions, chronic kidney disease with interstitial cystitis, or AIDS/HIV Acute Retroviral Syndrome: do not use Periactin. There is concern that these conditions may worsen on this medication with no chance for improvement.


Periactin for Weight Gain


Periactin is an appetite stimulant that can be used to gain weight. It helps people with low appetites by increasing their desire to eat and stimulating the digestive system. You can buy it from our online pharmacy at!


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